Friday, May 12, 2017

"Voter fraud"

We were beaten, bloodied, and killed for the right to vote - now this administration is threatening our legacy.
Organizing for Action
Diane --

54 years sounds like a long time ago -- but in the context of our movement, it's only a blink.

It's only been 54 years since I marched with my brothers and sisters from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama.

It's only been 54 years since we were jailed, beaten, and killed for trying to cast a vote. For trying to participate in democracy, in the United States of America.

This isn't ancient history. It's the experience of my life.

Just a few decades ago, we changed the course of history and helped pave the way for the Voting Rights Act -- but yesterday, this administration put that legacy under attack.

They signed an executive order to start a commission investigating almost non-existent "voter fraud." It's nothing more than a cover for them to threaten our progress -- with registration barriers, elimination of early and absentee voting, and rules that obstruct an inclusive democracy.

We cannot let this happen.

President Obama likes to say that the arc of the moral universe doesn't bend on its own -- we have to reach up and pull it towards justice ourselves. On that day 54 years ago, we gave it a mighty pull. We can't let it snap back.

Every one of us, right now, has a responsibility to keep pulling on that arc -- to protect and defend our right to vote. Say you'll join OFA in this fight:

Thank you,

Congressman John Lewis

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