Sunday, October 31, 2010

The final stretch in Hampton

Friend --

When Barack got back from a recent campaign swing, he couldn't stop talking about how every supporter he met was fired up.

From amazing crowds at his rallies with great candidates like Harry Reid and Barbara Boxer to meeting some of the OFA volunteers who are part of this effort, he couldn't be prouder of what you're doing.

And continuing that organizing in these final days -- with person-to-person conversations on doorsteps and on the phone -- is the single most important thing that any of us can do to ensure we're successful at getting out the vote.

There are thousands of phone banks and canvasses happening as part of get-out-the-vote efforts through November 2nd to make the difference in tight races across the country -- can you make it out in Hampton?

Here are the details:

What: Get-out-the-vote event

Where: VA_02_J_H & R Block
2074 Nickerson Blvd
Hampton, VA 23663

When: Sunday, October 31st
12:00 pm

Yes, I can make it.

No, I can't make it.

In addition to the event at 12:00 pm on Sunday, there are events throughout each day, through Tuesday. Find others you can make it to here.

Thousands and thousands of you are out there every day, spreading the word about all we've done together over the last two years -- and how we need folks to vote for Democrats in order to keep moving America forward.

And Barack and I need you to keep it up in the final stretch -- please let us know if you can make it out in Hampton:

Thanks so much for all you do,


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