Wednesday, February 13, 2013

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Organizing for Action
Diane --

What a speech.

If you missed President Obama's State of the Union address -- or even if you heard every word -- you should check out the White House's interactive version of the speech with facts, charts, graphics, and more:

As I watched the speech last night, I was incredibly proud of my president -- and not just because I ran his reelection campaign.

When he talked about health care reform, and making college more affordable, it meant more to me than just a list of accomplishments.

I thought of the people whose lives have changed because of those achievements -- friends of mine, supporters across the country I've had a chance to meet, and millions more Americans.

That's what motivates me to finish what we started and keep making progress on the issues we care about.

That's exactly what Organizing for Action will do.

Thanks for your dedication to this grassroots movement,


Jim Messina
Organizing for Action

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