Tuesday, June 4, 2013

And the list keeps growing...

Organizing for Action
Diane --

Climate deniers are everywhere in Congress -- and OFA supporters just drew another one out into the light.

Volunteers have held nearly 100 planning sessions, and had 50 events across the country last week to start the conversation on climate with their legislators.

Get this -- following one of these events, a reporter in Missouri tracked down a letter from Rep. Ann Wagner to a blogger, outing herself as yet another lawmaker who doesn't believe in the overwhelming science on this issue. The reporter confirmed the statements in the letter with the congresswoman's office.

That's exactly why organizing -- and actually raising our voices -- on climate change matters. And it's not all bad news: Dozens of congressional offices expressed their support during last week's Day of Action on climate, and committed to the fight in the months ahead.

Couldn't make it to an event last week? Don't worry -- there will be plenty more chances for you to get involved this summer.

Add your name -- and join the team that's working to change the conversation on climate.

There are still many folks out there who question the basic fact that climate change is real -- some very influential members of Congress have even called it a hoax.

We're working to make sure that, at every step of the way, the Ann Wagners of the world will have to answer to their constituents on why they don't believe in science.

Be sure to join the fight to hold climate deniers accountable:


Keep up the great work. Thanks,


Ivan Frishberg
Climate Campaign Manager
Organizing for Action

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