Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Why the Supreme Court is important

Organizing for Action
Hundreds of thousands of people have signed OFA's petition calling for a fair hearing for the next Supreme Court nominee -- be one of them:

Diane --

Supreme Court decisions have had extraordinary influence over life in America:

    --1954: Brown v. Board of Education struck down "separate but equal" segregation in public education.
    --1973: Roe v. Wade protected a woman's right to choose.
    --2000: Bush v. Gore resolved the dispute surrounding the 2000 presidential election.
    --2015: Obergefell v. Hodges made marriage equality the law of the land.

Leaving a seat on the bench open for more than a year, as Mitch McConnell and his allies are suggesting, would cripple the court's ability to make rulings on the important issues we face.

We need a fully staffed Supreme Court, and the Senate is responsible for ensuring that we have one by holding a timely vote on President Obama's nominee.

Sign OFA's petition to tell members of the Senate that they need to do their job.

President Obama is taking this nomination seriously because he understands what's at stake. This is bigger than party politics or partisan fighting -- it's about our democracy.

The court is back in session this week with only eight members, and soon they'll be ruling on big issues that matter to OFA supporters around the country. Everything from immigration reform, to health care, to major cases affecting women's and worker's rights. If the Senate fails to act, the vacancy on the Supreme Court will span more than a year.

That's unacceptable, Diane. The Supreme Court is too important to work that long without a full court.

Sign OFA's petition and call for the Senate to act:




Jack Shapiro
Director of Policy and Campaigns
Organizing for Action

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