Tuesday, March 28, 2017

It's those darn unicorns again

Here's the thing about unicorns. While it would be great if they were real, their existence is firmly in the realm of fantasy.
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Diane --

Here's the thing about unicorns. While it would be great if they were real, their existence is firmly in the realm of fantasy.

Seriously. There are no unicorns. That's just another fact on the list of things that just aren't worth debating.

Here's one more thing that's no longer up for debate: Climate change is real, and we ought to be doing something to fight it -- fast.

Unfortunately, today the new administration is ordering the Environmental Protection Agency -- which is now headed by a climate change denier -- to start dismantling the Clean Power Plan. That's right, the plan that was hailed as the single biggest step ever taken by an American president to fight climate change when President Obama instituted it.

Climate change is already causing serious damage around the world in the form of more frequent and extreme weather events. Stand up against the new administration's rollbacks of crucial climate legislation and standards.

And it still remains unclear whether the new administration will pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement. This is the groundbreaking, historic, watershed agreement that nearly every country in the world signed because of American leadership. Because of our efforts, we were finally able to get countries like China and India on board to fight climate change. Pulling out of this agreement would be a major and devastating step backward in the fight against climate change.

Let's be clear -- the idea that we don't need crucial policies like the Clean Power Plan and the Paris Agreement is as crazy as a one-horned horse.

We've made incredible progress on climate change over the last few years. Wind and solar power are booming and creating hundreds of thousands of American jobs. Carbon pollution has fallen even as the economy has grown -- while improving public health at the same time. America has been seen as a leader around the world in pushing for solutions to climate change. We didn't get this far by pretending it didn't exist.

Ninety-seven percent of climate scientists agree that climate change is real. We have real policies in place to slow it, and ultimately defeat it -- and create a future powered by clean energy to boot -- but only if we fight for them.

The outcome of this fight is critical for our future. Say you'll do your part to help.

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