Thursday, August 10, 2017

Keep our water clean

This administration is threatening our nation's waters and public health - add your comment to fight back.
Organizing for Action
Diane --

It's something everyone agrees on. I almost can't believe I have to say it.

Every person should have access to clean water.

That was the consensus in 1972, when the Clean Water Act passed with large support from both parties. It's why the Obama administration implemented the Clean Water Rule in 2015 to protect the streams and wetlands that feed into large waterways.

It's what Americans believe, too, with 63 percent reporting they worry "a great deal" about the pollution of drinking water.

Yet somehow, this administration isn't on the same page.

They've just proposed a repeal of the Clean Water Rule, a move that would throw our clean water protections into turmoil. If it happens, it'll open up countless bodies of water across the country to more pollution.

This is a threat to the drinking water of one in three Americans -- and we cannot let it happen.

Clean water is one of the basic, essential elements of our public health. Look at the recent drought in California, or the ongoing crisis in Flint, Michigan -- and you'll quickly see how important it is that every single American has access to it.

The administration and EPA haven't found anything wrong with the existing rule. There's no plan to replace it, and it would come at a critical time when we need to be doing even more to help impaired waters so we can provide essential benefits to everyone.

Here's the good news: The administration can't do this without collecting and reviewing public comments. We're going to make ourselves heard, loudly.

Will you stand with us and add your name?

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Jack Shapiro
Director of Policy and Campaigns
Organizing for Action

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