Saturday, November 16, 2013

Truth Team: Let's put this all in perspective

Truth Team
Truth Teamers, when you're talking about health reform, it's good to remind people:

This fight has always had one goal: providing all Americans with better health care at more affordable prices.

President Obama has said from the start that he will work with anyone who wants to improve the law to achieve that goal. That's why he announced a plan this week to smooth the transition to the Affordable Care Act by allowing insurance companies to continue some health care plans through 2014 to help Americans receiving cancellation notices.

But let's get one thing straight: Some people in Washington are doing everything they can to make sure health care reform fails. They're willing to take health care away from millions, and bring us back to the days when consumer protections were inadequate.

This is what Speaker John Boehner reportedly said behind closed doors on Thursday:
"Remember the strategy for stopping Obamacare we laid out to you back in July. It had two components: Aggressive, coordinated oversight, and targeted legislative strikes aimed at shattering the legislative coalition the President has used to force his law on the nation."
That's an outright admission from Speaker Boehner that his goal has nothing to do with improving Americans' health care experience and everything to do with his political agenda to destroy the Affordable Care Act.

It's up to us, Truth Team, to make sure that people understand that, and cut through all the noise out there with some much-needed perspective.

The White House put out a graphic that puts the two approaches in context -- will you share it right now on Facebook, Twitter, and wherever else people are talking about health care reform?

Let your friends know.

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Health care reform is something people have fought for over the course of decades. It's never been easy, but now it's finally the law -- and we're not going back.

Remind your friends what we're fighting for -- and what the other side is trying to do.

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