Monday, April 7, 2014

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Diane --

It took 100 years.

Presidents from Teddy Roosevelt to Harry Truman, from Richard Nixon to Bill Clinton all fought to reform our health care system.

Under President Obama, we got it done. That's thanks to the millions of Americans who fought for it, some over the course of decades.

We're creating a permanent record of every single person who helped make health care reform happen -- today, make sure your name is on it.

Last week, we found out that more than 7 million Americans signed up for insurance through the marketplace. Millions more have coverage through Medicaid expansion, and more than 3 million young adults are covered because they can stay on their parents' plans.

That's millions of people who won't have to lose sleep wondering if an unexpected accident will leave them bankrupt. That's millions of folks who can go see a doctor and get a much needed checkup without worrying about how much it'll set them back.

For decades, affordable health care was out of reach for millions in this country. Not anymore.

That's why we all fought for reform in the first place.

Health care reform is going to live in the history books forever -- it's definitely something I'll be sharing with my grandkids.

Add your name to the record of the people who got it done:

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Lindsay Siler
National Director of Issue Campaigns
Organizing for Action

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