Wednesday, May 1, 2013

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Diane --

As we saw when the Senate voted last month, the fight over expanding background checks for gun sales isn't just about what's right and wrong.

It's about power. And the gun lobby is extremely powerful.

If we're going to win fights like this, we have to be relentless in making our voices heard.

That's what this petition is about. Each and every name represents a constituent with power -- a voice. When we deliver it to congressional leaders next week, your name should be on it.

Sign our petition -- make sure Congress knows that the American people aren't going to let them off the hook.

The polls aren't ambiguous on this one -- more than 90 percent of Americans support expanding background checks.

Still the Senate failed to pass it.

We've seen this before. Many, many times, on so many fights, we could have looked at the challenges, at the people and special interests standing in the way, and decided to give up.

I remember one particularly difficult moment during the health care debate when I had to give bad news to President Obama -- that the legislative outlook was starting to look impossible. I'll never forget what he said: You're not listening to me. Try harder. Get it done.

We ultimately won on health reform because millions of Americans -- people like you -- didn't give in. We overcame the special interests and the hurdles because we didn't stop organizing.

That's how we win.

On this issue, we owe it to everyone who has been affected by gun violence not to stop until Congress acts.

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