Monday, May 13, 2013

VIDEO: The petition delivery

Organizing for Action
Diane --

Last Thursday in Washington, D.C., I joined 30 OFA volunteers and three gun violence survivors as they delivered our petition to Congress with more than 1.4 million signatures. It was an amazing day, and a reminder that we're nowhere near done with this fight.

Take a look at the highlights -- and say you're with us, committed to keep fighting to help reduce gun violence:

1.4 million Americans are committed to our fight to prevent gun violence. Are you in?

What impressed me most on Thursday was getting a chance to talk with survivors like Pam Simon, Sami Rahamim, and Lori Haas.

You'll see in the video that these folks have turned their personal pain into action, and a force for good. It's enough to change hearts and minds.

OFA volunteers got a chance to meet with a few leaders in Congress, like Rep. Mike Thompson, Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin, and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who asked all of us to keep fighting -- and even gave folks a few tips on how to keep the pressure on their fellow lawmakers.

Senator Reid even tweeted: "Today, we received a petition from over 1.4 million Americans who demand action on background checks. This fight is not over."

I am more confident than ever that, if we keep working and making our voices heard, we can and will win this. The petition delivery was a big moment -- but it's not the end of this fight.

Watch the video and say you're ready to stay at it:

Thanks -- stay tuned for what's next,


Jon Carson
Executive Director
Organizing for Action

P.S. -- One of the most exciting parts of the day was completely spontaneous: Pam Simon, a survivor of the Tucson shooting, ran into her senator, Jeff Flake, and talked with him about his no vote. Read what happened next.

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