Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Our deadline for EPA comments is coming up fast

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Diane --

Deniers and deep-pocketed polluters make it pretty hard to get anything done on climate change.

Here's one meaningful way you can fight them:

The EPA is collecting comments on President Obama's climate plan -- it's our chance to show the broad public support the other side is trying to drown out.

We're taking names for one more week, before we package them up for delivery in advance of the EPA's deadline.

If you care about fighting climate change -- or just want to stick it to the groups denying basic science -- add your name to tell the EPA where you stand.

This is one of the decisive moments in the fight against climate change.

Collecting comments gives the EPA a chance to see what ordinary people have to say about this important issue. (Don't worry -- they hear from the special interests on every day that ends in Y.)

The other side thinks they can win this fight simply by shouting the loudest -- even if most of what they're shouting is complete head-in-the-sand nonsense.

That's their strategy. And they have a lot of money to back it up.

What they don't have a whole lot of is people -- genuine voices standing up for what's right. And we've proved time and again that, when we raise our voices together, we can take on even the most powerful interests.

And this isn't just about getting your notes to the EPA before its window for public comments closes this fall -- OFA volunteers will also deliver these names to key state leaders who are tasked with implementing the President's plan.

Your voice deserves to be heard. Add your name to tell the EPA you support the Clean Power Plan:




Jack Shapiro
National Issues Campaign Manager
Organizing for Action

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