Friday, April 22, 2016

Support a global agreement on climate change this Earth Day

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Diane --

Happy Earth Day -- and what a year it's been in the fight against climate change.

Last fall, President Obama's leadership played a major role in negotiating an international agreement to limit carbon pollution -- an agreement the U.S. just formally signed, along with more than 170 other countries. The Paris Agreement lays out ambitious goals, and it marks a global step forward in efforts to tackle climate change.

Climate change isn't a far-off problem. We're seeing its effects in communities across the country and around the world. The science is clear -- if we don't act, it will continue to pose even more serious threats to our families, our economy, and our health. It's already contributing to longer allergy seasons, dangerous heat waves, bigger storms and more frequent and severe flooding.

This Earth Day, say you support these kinds of big steps forward in the fight against climate change.

We aren't waiting around: The Paris Agreement is just one example of the progress we've made just this year. A few months before negotiations began in Paris, the Obama administration finalized the Clean Power Plan. By 2030, it will have helped reduce premature deaths from power plant pollution by nearly 90 percent. New limits on methane pollution will help reduce another major contributor to climate change.

The President has also made strong investments in our clean energy future. Since he took office, wind power has tripled, and more than 208,000 people now work in the solar sector, helping make it one of the fastest growing industries in the country.

Progress like that depends on people like you speaking up and saying that we can't afford the excuses of climate change deniers. OFA supporters helped change the conversation on climate change -- and helped make the Paris Agreement possible. We've come a long way, and if we keep up the momentum, we're going to win this fight.

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