Saturday, June 25, 2016

Help keep up the progress on climate change

Organizing for Action
Diane --

What a difference we can make in a few years. When President Obama laid out his climate action plan three years ago today, pundits and reporters were asking if he was really going to be able to get it done. No one cared enough to take it seriously, they said.

And climate deniers were running amok, refusing to accept basic scientific principles, let alone take congressional action to address climate change.

But despite the doubters and the deniers, we've seen incredible progress. Clean renewable energy sources like wind and solar are booming, President Obama's Clean Power Plan will dramatically cut carbon pollution from our power plants, and the U.S. led nearly every country in the world to join the Paris Climate Agreement -- the first truly global agreement to fight climate change.

These achievements were possible because people like you wouldn't leave this issue on the back burner. Supporters have stepped up to keep this work going, and we can't afford to slow down now in pushing for meaningful action.

Help make sure the progress we've already made on climate change continues -- chip in to support OFA today.

Issues like climate change are bigger than the day-to-day squabbles we usually see in Washington. They require us to stand taller, look farther, and consider what kind of legacy we want to leave for our children.

Climate change is on our doorstep. We've experienced record temperatures every month for most of the last year. The systems our society and economy rely on are under pressure, from droughts and floods affecting agriculture, to heat waves and air pollution affecting public health. Sea level rise is increasing the risks of catastrophic storms like Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina.

This isn't a hopeless fight. I believe that we can push the deniers to the fringes and continue to shift our economy to clean sources of energy that will power our country and the world for centuries to come -- as long as we work together to keep up the progress.

Stand up for continued action, and pitch in now:



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