Thursday, June 23, 2016

UPDATE: Today's Supreme Court ruling on immigration reform

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Diane --

The Supreme Court just tied 4-4 -- again. Their inability to reach a decision today effectively blocks the President's common-sense immigration actions.

This is another consequence of congressional leaders failing to do their jobs. Not only are Republican Senate leaders hobbling our judicial system with their unprecedented obstruction of President Obama's Supreme Court nominee, but our immigration system remains broken because Congress continues to kick the can down the road on finding a comprehensive solution.

Congress needs to come together and fix our broken immigration system -- add your name today and join thousands of Americans calling for comprehensive immigration reform.

After years of organizing, and waiting, and hoping for a legislative solution, the President proposed a set of common-sense actions that would give millions of people in the United States -- many of whom have been here for years -- the ability to qualify for temporary relief from deportation. Not only would this have strengthened our communities by keeping families together, but it would have added $230 billion to the economy over 10 years. With these actions effectively blocked, it's up to Congress to come up with a comprehensive solution.

As long as Republican leaders in the House and the Senate refuse to come together to find solutions -- while continuing their unprecedented obstruction of President Obama's Supreme Court nominee -- we'll be stuck in a vicious cycle that repeatedly fails to address the major issues we face as a country.

Add your name and join thousands of OFA supporters urging Congress to find a path forward to fix our broken immigration system:

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Jack Shapiro
Director of Policy and Campaigns
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