Tuesday, December 29, 2015

His final State of the Union

Diane --

Twenty-six years ago, I fell in love with Barack because of his compassion and his desire to make life better for other people. It's just who he is -- and it's who he tries to be every day as President.

He only has 12 months left as your President, and I know he's anxious to make the most of every opportunity to make change. And Diane, you'd better believe that you being right there alongside him, doing the hard work of organizing, matters to him.

On January 12, Barack will give his last State of the Union address, and OFA is one of the groups making sure people are preparing to watch, and recommitting to the work ahead.

Add your name, and say you'll tune in and get ready for the fights ahead.

OFA supporters are some of the best change makers out there. It's because of your hard work, passion, and dedication that we've accomplished so much over this past year.

We've continued to create jobs and rebuild our economy. We've cut carbon pollution. We've given millions more Americans the security of health care. And we've witnessed historic victories for equality across the country.

Those are the kinds of victories Barack would love to celebrate with you. Say you'll watch the State of the Union, and make sure you hear what's next:



Michelle Obama

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