Saturday, July 30, 2016

I bet you'll roll your eyes too, Diane

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Hillary Clinton is the official Democratic nominee for President of the United States! Tomorrow marks 100 days until Election Day, so we're launching our 100 Days Fund to make sure we're ready to hit the ground running. Don't wait to be a part of history -- pitch in to the 100 Days Fund now:

Diane --

Being the President of the United States isn't just about the power or trappings of the office. It means having a certain level of dignity, morality, and stability which every American -- irrespective of party -- expects from the person who represents us and our country to the world.

Donald Trump displays none of those characteristics. But in just over 100 days, he could be elected our next president.

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Now let's be clear, Diane: it's not like the Republicans didn't know what Americans were looking for in a president when they decided to nominate Trump. After we re-elected President Obama, the GOP produced a report on why and how they lost that election. They found that "young voters are increasingly rolling their eyes at what the Party represents," that "many minorities ... think that Republicans don't want them in the country," and that Republican candidates should emphasize inclusion when "discussing issues that relate directly to a minority group."

Fast forward to today, and the same Republican leaders who commissioned that report stand proudly behind someone who launched his campaign by calling Mexicans criminals and rapists, wants to ban Muslims from entering the country, thinks women who have abortions should be punished, and even claimed that a Mexican-American judge in one of the lawsuits brought against Trump University couldn't possibly give him a fair trial because, as Trump put it, "He's a Mexican. We're building a wall." Rolling your eyes? Feeling unwelcome? I would be, too!

Then, Diane, there's his running mate, Mike Pence -- the most extreme choice in a generation. He cost the state of Indiana $60 million after he signed anti-LGBT immigration into law, sponsored the very first Congressional bill to defund Planned Parenthood, and is so divorced from reality that he even wrote an op-ed claiming that smoking doesn't kill. And this is the guy who's supposed to make mainstream Republicans feel a little bit better about voting for someone as unhinged as Trump.

So no matter how they hide their bigotry or rephrase their bad ideas, Trump and Pence are simply unfit to lead. We're all that's standing between them and the Oval Office, and as of tomorrow we'll have just 100 days left to stop them -- that's where the 100 Days Fund comes in.

We're about to start the last leg of this race, and I can promise that 100 days will go by faster than you think. Every $3 you can pitch in to the 100 Days Fund before the deadline tomorrow at midnight will make a difference:

America is counting on us, Diane. Let's go win this election.

All the best,


Amy K. Dacey
Chief Executive Officer
Democratic National Committee

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