Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The second-term plan:

Truth Team
Diane --

Last night at the debate, America saw someone who has provided strong and steady leadership as our commander in chief -- and someone on stage with him who is very much not ready to be commander in chief at all.

As President Obama said, Mitt Romney would take us back to the foreign policy of the 1980s, social policy of the 1950s, and economic policy of the 1920s. President Obama's vision, on the other hand, would build on the progress of the last four years, do some nation building here at home, and move America forward, not back.

As we hit the final stretch of this election, it's more important than ever your friends and family hear from you about the detailed second-term agenda President Obama has been laying out on the campaign trail over the past few months -- titled "The New Economic Patriotism: A Plan For Jobs & Middle Class Security." Please take a look and then share it with everyone you know:


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The President's agenda would restore security to the middle class and grow our economy by creating good-paying jobs in manufacturing, and recruiting 100,000 math and science teachers to prepare our kids to fill those jobs and compete in the world. His agenda would also cut our imports of foreign oil in half and not cede new energy industries to China or India. It would reduce the deficit and use half the savings from ending two wars to rebuild our roads, bridges, and highways.

Contrast President Obama's concrete vision with what we heard from Romney last night: a willingness to say whatever it takes to win, even if it means trying to hide the severely conservative positions he's taken in the past. Take a look at this video about Romney's performance in the debate, and share it with others:

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Last night was the last time President Obama will get onstage with Mitt Romney before Election Day -- that means it's on us from here on in to protect the President's record and ensure voters across the country know they can't trust Romney's real record.

Thanks for all you do,


P.S. -- If you're proud of the President for his performance last night, share this graphic on your Facebook wall.

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