Friday, December 19, 2014

A promise:

Diane --

A lot has changed in the six years I've been president.

As I look ahead at my final two years in office, I want you to know two things:

1.) I'm so proud of the progress we've made together so far. Thank you. Because of folks like you, we've been able to accomplish incredible things -- change that is making people's lives better today. That's the reason we do this work.

2.) I'm not done. I won't stop fighting for the American people until the day I leave this office. That's a promise.

No matter how much partisan gridlock gets in the way or how powerful some special interests seem, I know we can keep making real, lasting change.

I can't do it alone. That's as true today as it was at the start.

Diane, I hope you're ready to go -- say you'll keep fighting alongside OFA any way you can in 2015:

Thank you,

Barack Obama

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