Wednesday, December 31, 2014

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Friend --

Tomorrow's a new year, a time to take a deep breath and reflect.

So let me ask: What inspires you to keep fighting for change with OFA?

Each one of the millions of people who are part of this movement has a different answer to that question -- but we​ accomplished big things because we came together to fight for ​them.​ That's as true next year as ever.

The Congress that starts its work next week has an agenda. While I look forward to working toward solutions wherever I can, I know that for some, they see this as an opportunity to start to roll back the progress we've made.

There are fights we know are ahead of us, and some we can't predict.

That's why organizing is so important -- by building this movement at the grassroots level, we're prepared for whatever comes our way.

So if you know what you're willing to fight for, tell OFA:

Thank you,

Barack Obama

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