Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Add your name - stand up for gun violence prevention

Diane --

Since the shooting at Newtown, tens of thousands of Americans have had their lives cut short by gun violence. Every time it happens, communities are shaken to the core, families are forced to grieve the loss of a loved one, and lives are changed forever.

Every mass shooting is a national tragedy, and I refuse to accept them as the new normal. We cannot legislate this problem away, but if we can prevent even one of these mass shootings from tearing a community apart, then we must act.

Yesterday, I moved to do just that with a series of executive actions that will close background check loopholes and better enforce the rules that keep guns out of the hands of people that could harm themselves or others.

Common-sense actions like the one I signed yesterday are a start, but the long-term solutions to this have to come from Congress -- and I am absolutely confident that bipartisan legislation on this issue is possible.

OFA and other groups are pushing for real reform to prevent these tragedies from happening. Add your name now and show your support.

After the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary, two senators -- a Democrat and a Republican, both gun owners, both strong defenders of the Second Amendment -- worked together to write a common-sense compromise bill that would have required virtually everyone who buys a gun to get a background check.

But the gun lobby mobilized. Even though background checks were supported by 90 percent of the American people, the Senate voted to block the bill -- even with the families of Newtown in attendance.

I will not give up, Diane. I have 12 months left in this office, and I'm going to use every one of them to shine a spotlight on common-sense reforms that we can make to remedy this violence.

We can stop these murders from becoming the status quo, but it's going to take all of us speaking up.

Stand with OFA in fighting for common-sense gun-safety reforms:


Barack Obama

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