Friday, January 8, 2016

Just got off the phone with the President

Diane --

I just got off the call with President Obama and OFA supporters about how we can help stop our gun violence epidemic, and I'm fired up.

The President talked about his actions on gun violence this week and what it's going to take to find a path forward on this issue long-term. He made it clear that permanent solutions will have to come from Congress -- and that we're all going to have to keep raising our voices to make meaningful progress.

Listen to the call, and commit to keeping up the fight for common-sense solutions to gun violence.

I've been a part of the OFA family for years. I'm also a survivor of gun violence myself, having been a victim of a random street shooting two years ago.

This week I got to sit in the White House amongst so many people who had survived gun-related tragedies, and watched President Obama doing literally everything in his power to help end gun violence. It was such an emotional feeling, and one of the most powerful days of my life.

The President is doing what he can, but we all have to keep up the fight. We have to get as civically engaged in our communities as possible, and create a culture that pulls us back from violence in the first place. That's the work I've been dedicated to, and I'm proud and grateful to be standing alongside President Obama and everyone out there fighting for common-sense solutions.

Are you in, Diane? Listen to President Obama, get motivated, and join OFA in this fight:


Greg Jackson

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