Tuesday, August 2, 2016

How President Obama became my family

Diane --

Prior to serving on OFA's Advisory Board, I served as President Obama's "body man" at the White House. My job was to anticipate and sort out the matters that could potentially distract the President from the tough, big-picture decisions that require his focus every day.

It was that kind of behind-the-scenes responsibility and trust that turned the coolest boss in the world -- the President of the United States -- into someone I now consider my older, much wiser brother.

President Obama moments after the 2009 inaugural balls.

I've been with the President in the earliest and latest hours (that's me on the right behind the door, moments after the 2009 inaugural balls). I've seen firsthand just how hard he works to make sure everyone has the same opportunity to get ahead, and how important it is to President Obama that you've fought alongside him over the years.

That's why I'm asking you to join me in celebrating the President's last birthday as Commander-In-Chief.

Wish President Obama a happy 55th birthday -- sign the card.

It was an honor to assist and keep the President company at major turning points of his historic first term, and then go on to fight with organizers like you all across the country to do what many said was impossible: to make lasting change on issues that matter to all Americans.

And now it's time to celebrate a little, and show a true champion of change that we're still fighting as he rounds the corner of his final year in office.

Show the President some love and add your name to OFA's birthday card:


Thanks for making this one extra special.


Reggie Love

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