Friday, August 12, 2016

I have a message for the NRA

Diane --

When I heard Donald Trump say that "Second Amendment people" can do something about it if they don't like Hillary's judicial appointments, I knew his allies in the gun lobby would stand by him. In reality, they did him one better:

The NRA went on Twitter to defend Trump's remarks -- then they announced that they're launching a new attack ad spreading lies and calling Hillary vicious names. They're spending $3 million to show it to voters in pivotal states.

I have no intention of letting the gun lobby decide the outcome of this election -- if 19 people from Montross chip in today, that will be a great start toward getting the funds Hillary and Democrats on the ballot in Virginia need to fight back. Can you help with $3 or whatever you can?

The gun lobby has deep pockets, and they'll spend whatever it takes to keep their Republican allies in control of Congress. Donald Trump has made it clear he'll do whatever they say -- so they're going to spend millions and millions of dollars to try to help him win.

Hillary isn't afraid of the NRA. She's courageous, and if she's president, she'll take on the gun lobby in Washington, just like she has her entire career. That's why I'm fighting for my friend Hillary -- I'm so glad you are, too.

The NRA doesn't decide the future of our country -- we do. Chip in $3 or whatever you can right now, and let's show the NRA that however hard they fight for Donald Trump, we'll fight back even harder for Hillary.

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