Friday, March 20, 2015

Here's why adding your name for Obamacare matters:

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Diane --

In June 2012, the Supreme Court handed down a major ruling upholding Obamacare. As someone who spent all of that year working to re-elect the President who'd signed Obamacare into law in the first place, that normally would have meant a busy day getting the word out about the Court's decision (and a fair amount of celebrating, too). Instead, I was at home in Virginia with my mother and sister. Here's why:

A few days before the Court's decision, my father passed away after a months-long battle with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. In the weeks after his initial diagnosis, and in those final few days, there were so many questions that ran through my head -- far too many to list. But because my dad had good health insurance, I never had to ask whether a treatment, or medication, or hospitalization was going to cost too much. Of all the things to worry about, "what's going to happen when the medical bills arrive" never crossed my mind. At a time when so many other things were uncertain, I can't tell you how valuable it was to have one small bit of peace of mind to hang on to.

Obamacare is about giving every American that peace of mind. That's why it's so important that we protect it.

If you listen to our opponents, you might think Obamacare is some monolithic government monstrosity -- but that's just not true. Whether it's because your insurer can't deny you coverage because of a pre-existing condition, or you no longer have to choose between filling your prescription and putting food on the table, or you finally have health insurance you know you can rely on if you need it -- Obamacare means something different for every person who has benefitted from it. Obamacare is personal. And for five years, Obamacare has been making real, positive differences in millions of Americans' lives.

I'm more committed than ever to ensuring that the progress we made when Obamacare became law lasts for the next five years, and the five after that, and beyond. I hope you are, too:

Thanks -- I can tell you from experience that what you do today matters.


Eric Reif
Digital Strategist
Democratic National Committee

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