Thursday, March 12, 2015

Who's the worst climate change denier in America?

Organizing for Action
Diane --

Climate change deniers live in a fantasy world, and OFA is dedicated to making sure they're sufficiently embarrassed by their anti-science positions.

That's why we're introducing our first-ever Climate Change Fantasy Tournament. We're asking Americans to vote to decide the nation's worst climate change deniers -- and we'll make sure the champion gets a big congratulations in their home district.

Voting starts today -- go get started on the first match-up and help decide who's the worst of the worst.

Check out this bracket

We've matched up 16 of the most notorious deniers in America in a winner-take-all tournament -- from House Speaker John Boehner, to Ron "Sunspot" Johnson, to a congressman from California who's so far out there on climate, his theories have landed on Mars.

We learned this week that 85 percent of eighth-graders know the basics of climate science, but only half of the U.S. Senate does. It was only a few weeks ago that one senator threw a snowball in the halls of Congress as a way of saying that climate change isn't happening -- as if the fact that winter is happening somehow trumps the agreement of 97 percent of the world's climate scientists.

It would be funny if climate change weren't such a serious issue.

We've made real progress in this fight, through the outstanding growth of clean energy like wind and solar in the past few years, and the launch of President Obama's Clean Power Plan to cut carbon pollution from power plants.

But we can't truly tackle this problem together as long as so many of our elected officials publicly deny the basic science of climate change.

That's why we're not letting them off the hook -- help call out the worst of the worst of the deniers.

Vote on the first match-up here:



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