Monday, October 5, 2015

Add your name to make sure the GOP doesn't get away with this

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Diane --

The state of Alabama has taken the cynical GOP approach to restricting the vote to a whole new low.

After a Supreme Court decision weakened the Voting Rights Act, we've seen Republican governors and legislators put into place restrictive voting laws over the past few years -- like the photo ID law that just went into effect in Alabama. Yet even while the state now requires a driver's license to vote, the Alabama legislature has also closed driver's license offices in 28 counties. Closed. No place at all for residents of nearly half the counties in the state to get the ID they're now legally required to have in order to cast their ballots.

And if you take a closer look at just which counties Alabama has opted to close driver's license offices in, the picture starts to become even more clear. See for yourself:

These Alabama counties closed driver's license offices -- load images.
Diane, this is voter disenfranchisement, plain and simple. Policies like eliminating same-day registration, reducing early voting, and imposing restrictive voter ID laws are being implemented all across the country -- and if they're allowed to continue unchecked, the effects will be catastrophic.

So first, I need you to say that you'll stand with us to fight voting restrictions like these tooth and nail:

Then, I need you to forward this map to three people you know -- and ask them to do the same -- so that everyone knows what's happening in Alabama right now. The most important tool for stopping this kind of widespread disenfranchisement is to make sure the people responsible know that we're aware of what they're up to and we won't let them get away with it.

Thanks for doing your part.


Pratt Wiley
Director of Voter Expansion
Democratic National Committee

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