Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Made in America: The latest on a progressive trade agreement

Diane --

For the past few months, we've been hard at work finalizing the Trans-Pacific Partnership -- a trade agreement that puts American workers first, helps middle-class families get ahead, and levels the playing field for American farmers, ranchers, and manufacturers.

Last week, my administration reached that agreement with 11 other countries. That's good news for the global economy, and it's good news for American families and workers.

This wasn't a sure thing -- it took an incredible amount of organizing to get here, and OFA is one of the groups that has been fighting for leadership on trade.

Now that the deal is agreed to, I want to make sure folks have the facts about the Trans-Pacific Partnership before it comes to a vote -- if a trade agreement that puts American workers first is important to you, you can add your name with OFA to join the conversation.

Over the next few months, this agreement will be discussed and debated. It's important to remember that with 95% of the world's customers outside the United States and nearly 12 million American jobs supported by exports of products made in America, we can't leave it to other nations to uphold the values we care about -- we need trade agreements with tough, enforceable environmental and labor standards.

From the day I took office, I've fought for middle-class families, and this trade deal is no different.

But it's going to take organizing to help this agreement pass -- one way to get started is to add your name with OFA to show your support:

Stay tuned -- more soon,

Barack Obama

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